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Corbett House

Welcome to Corbett House

Corbett House is staffed twenty-four hours a day, providing care and support for those people who have, or are recovering from a mental illness. The home offers a safe, secure environment for all to regain life skills and build up confidence to enable individuals to participate in the wider community, in turn raising self-worth and self-esteem.

A full assessment of need is established before arrival and several pre-admission visits are arranged to ensure the placement is conducive to individual needs.

The support offered to regain life skills includes budgeting, shopping, cooking, healthy eating, personal hygiene, socialization, etc. Members of staff are readily available to listen and offer guidance and advice so that individuals are able to make informed choices and decisions about themselves. A carefully devised Personal Care Plan is put in place which is unique to each individual and their identified needs. Regular placement reviews are held to ensure those needs are being met.

It is important to staff at Corbett House that all individual's views are heard. In order to ensure all needs are being met, an 'open door' policy is operated where individuals can access staff readily and discuss any issues or concerns they may have. It is also practice to hold regular residents' meetings and quality assurance questionnaires are sent out every year to all residents, professionals and relatives. This information is collated to ensure Corbett House is operating within its' policies and procedures and to make improvements, wherever necessary, to maintain a good quality of life and working environment.

New residents are provided with a Service Users Guide which contains all the information they will need to know about living at Corbett House. There is a robust Complaints Procedure in place and residents are regularly reminded how this procedure works.

All staff members at Corbett House are subject to a thorough interview and are not employed until a Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA), a Criminal Record (CRB) and two satisfactory references have been received. Staff then receive a period of induction and undertake the necessary training.

Corbett House was constructed in the 1960's within a local residential area which is close to all amenities including shops, churches, local bus routes, local public houses and banks, all of which are within walking distance, together with numerous other community facilities.